A choice of back care treatment brought to you by Feargal Tobin.

❆  Over 30 years experience in alternative healthcare; 25 specifically with gentle back care

❆  BSc in Chiropractic - Oxford Brookes University .

❆  BSc - Dublin City University

❆  DC - Oxford College of Chiropractic

❆  LC - Witney School of Chiropractic

❆  The following are some with whom I have Personally trained with:

Hugh Corley - Chiropractic
Bobbie Nicholson - Chiropractic
Shelagh James Hudson - Chiropractic
Jay Holder- Chiropratic,Addictionology, AuriculoTherapy
Paul Dennison - Educational Kinesiology
Wayne Topping - Kinesiology
Risteard De Barra - Applied Kinesiology
Ron Phelan - Neuro Structural Integration Technique (Bowen)
James Waslaski - Orthopaedic Massage
Christopher Drake/Alexander Stalmatski - Buteyko Method
Natalia Lapa - Buteyko Method

❆ "I have spent much of my professional lifetime; Seeking, Training and Practicing in the gentlest methods of back treament available in the world today. While some countries have only one method or no methods for effective alternative back care; after 30 years of practice, I can assure you gentle methods exist and they work. In my experience; Human beings and human bodies are amazing; when supported properly, great healing can occur. The best way to find out for yourself is to make an appointment. Experiencing is believing, your back will thank you for it. Please call if you have any questions."- Feargal